LiangDao Intelligence Releases China’s First Pure Solid-State Flash LiDAR

LiangDao Intelligence, a leading Chinese provider of LiDAR sensors, officially released its self-developed pure solid-state flash lateral LiDAR, LDSense Satellite, to customers in the domestic market on May 13. The product reportedly adopts automotive-grade LiDAR technology with both performance and cost advantages.

LiangDao Intelligence hopes to further enhance vehicles sensing ability, unlocking more driving scenarios and improving the safety of automated driving through LDSense Satellite.

Pure solid-state Flash LiDAR has no moving parts, MEMS structure or motor, which greatly prolongs its life cycle. LDSense Satellite can meet the requirements of different OEM functions, and meanwhile can be flexibly embedded into the car body and support a variety of integration schemes.

At present, the horizontal field of view of a mainstream forward LiDAR configuration scheme is generally between 90 and 120 degrees. Combined with lateral LiDAR, the forward perceived horizontal field angle of the vehicle can be expanded to 180 degrees and above, and even the vehicle body can be covered in all directions without blind spots.

The vertical field angle is an important factor affecting the sensing ability of lateral LiDAR. LDSense Satellite’s super-large vertical field angle can achieve maximum coverage of near-field blind spots and quickly respond to various driving scenarios.

According to the development experience of LiangDao Intelligence, the lateral LiDAR with a vertical field angle of no less than 75 can complement the near-field blind area of the forward LiDAR, thus enabling the vehicle to detect low objects such as road edges, speed bumps and other targets, as well as adjacent lane lines.

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Based on LDSense Satellite, LiangDao Intelligence says it will carry out in-depth cooperation with leading international suppliers, and it will launch a customized combination scheme of forward main LiDAR + lateral LiDAR for customers in the Chinese market.