Meituan Dianping Released Annual List of Top Stores and Brands Globally

On November 27, Meituan Dianping’s Chinese crowd-sourced review platform like Yelp, Dazhong Dianping, selected over 4,700 stores from 31 cities in 19 countries and included them in two lists titled “2019 Reputable Restaurants” and “2019 Popular Brands”.

These online awards will soon appear in the offline stores to provide suggestions for overseas travelers and bolster the restaurants’ and brands’ reputations.

The “2019 Reputable Restaurants” are selected based on the taste of their food, the quality of the service, and the dining environment. The restaurants also have to have been open for at least a year and have a four or five star rating on the app.

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The awards are not exclusively associated with luxury consumption, instead providing variation in price points. For example, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a fresh-made ice-cream vendor with delicious ingredients, which is on the list, only costs seven yuan ($1). Meanwhile, a French fine dining restaurant that costs more than 3,000 yuan ($427) per person is also included.

The other awards list, “2019 Popular Brands”, is determined according to brand recognition and their online traffic. Names include famous department stores, duty-free shops, and cosmetic chains, which can ensure the products’ quality and provide good service to customers.

Users can also get coupons via Meituan Dianping to shop for these brands.