Meituan Launches Livestreaming Assistant App

Chinese media outlet Xinyan Finance reported on Monday that major Chinese e-commerce platform Meituan has recently launched a product called “Meituan Livestreaming Assistant,” a free tool intended for online merchants and internet influencers. Livestream hosts can broadcast at any time using this app.

This new service has improved the previous livestreaming functions offered by Meituan. For example, it can now send out advanced notices for livestreaming sessions, and support hosts through various methods for selling products, such as group purchases, exchange vouchers, tickets and group orders.

In addition, the app has opened up new channels for Meituan‘s livestreaming business. Previously, the company tried to do livestreaming in the fields of cosmetics and tourism, but the business was in a small-scale development stage. Later, a WeChat mini-program called “Mlive” was launched, focused on live e-commerce of cosmetics. However, the ventures were met with mixed results.

Through this new app, many new fields have been added to the livestreaming platform, including group purchase, e-commerce and food delivery functions. It can be seen that the company is paying close attention to the development of its livestreaming business.

Nowadays, live e-commerce has become a new way for merchants to promote and sell their products, such as on Douyin, Kuaishou and Taobao. All of these have become important tools for companies to obtain new orders.

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An industry practitioner said that live e-commerce has many advantages such as expanding promotional channels, shortening the distance between goods and customers so that customers get to know products more deeply and directly, dealing with the traditional doubts of online shopping, and enhancing customers’ desire to buy. It can also make merchants gradually get rid of traffic demand for fixed platforms.