Meituan To Implement Guidance on Safeguarding the Rights of Food Deliverymen

On Monday night, in response to the guidance of the regulatory authorities on safeguarding the rights of food deliverymen in the afternoon, Chinese food delivery giant Meituan said that it had launched several rounds of research and would implement the guidance.

The guidance put forward requirements in seven key factors including labor income, labor safety, food safety, social security, working environment, organizational construction and conflict resolution.

Food delivery companies need to ensure that the income of their delivery staff is higher than the local minimum wage while reasonably determining the elements such as order quantity and punctuality rate. Delivery firms and third-party cooperative institutions are required to take social insurance for their delivery workers who signed labor contracts with them. In addition, these delivery corporations need to participate in the pilot project of occupational injury insurance for part-time employees on the platform in accordance with national regulations.

“We will resolutely implement the guidance to earnestly safeguard our workers’ rights and interests in labor security, distribution safety, and welfare, so as to improve the employment quality of our industry,” the delivery giant said.

Since last year, many riders’ work experience and rights protection have been built up. In the first half of 2021, Meituan held nearly 100 rider meetings throughout the country and collected more than 100 suggestions, many of which are currently being carried out. On its Riders’ Day in July this year, the firm established rider service department to better meet riders’ needs.

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Due to the guidance that was issued in the afternoon, Meituan‘s share price fell 13.76%, its biggest drop since going public in September 2018. At present, its total market value remains at HK $1.44 trillion.