NetEase and Blizzard Respond to the News of Re-Collaboration

In the past year, top companies such as Tencent and NetEase have all been rumored to have collaborated with Blizzard for the operation of their games in China, but there has been no follow-up.

On December 25th, according to a report from CLS, Blizzard has been in talks with several domestic game developers about the “return of the Chinese server” recently. In the end, they chose to partner up with NetEase again. After the partnership is confirmed, NetEase and Blizzard will need to rebuild their Chinese server operation team and test servers and related systems. Therefore, players may have to wait for half a year or even longer before the game goes back online as anticipated.

This news immediately became a hot topic once it was released.

On December 25th, according to the Shanghai Securities News, NetEase responded by not commenting on the online rumors about a potential re-collaboration with Blizzard. An insider close to the company mentioned that NetEase‘s team responsible for operating Blizzard’s China servers had disbanded earlier this year, making it unlikely for them to quickly reassemble a team for Blizzard.

Regarding the recent “reunion” of NetEase and Blizzard after a year, there have been rumors about the return of the Chinese version of World of Warcraft. When seeking confirmation from Blizzard China, they responded by saying, “Thank you for your attention. At this moment, we do not have any information or updates to share.”

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