OnePlus Ace to Be Launched on April 21

Smartphone brand OnePlus announced on Thursday morning that the online launch conference for its new model, the OnePlus Ace, will be held at 19:00 on April 21.

Louis Li, President of OnePlus China, revealed on domestic social media that the the OnePlus Ace will be equipped with a Dimensity 8100 processor. Previous leaks show that this smartphone is the first to be based on the open resource architecture of MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chipset. The model’s gaming performance is debugged more carefully than the other two 8100-equipped models, and the AI and imaging feature are stronger than the public version of 8100 chipset.

(Source: OnePlus)

The Dimensity 8100 adopts TSMC 5nm process technology, and consists of four Cortex-A78 cores with 2.85 GHz main frequency and four Cortex-A55 with 2.0 GHz main frequency. The chip’s comprehensive score on the AnTuTu BenchMark has exceeded 800,000.

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In addition, official posters show that the OnePlus Ace is quite different from previous OnePlus smartphones. The new model adopts a right-angle frame and a big trio camera module in the rear.

The OnePlus Ace supports 150W super-fast charging, making it the firm’s fastest smartphone. The company says that the super fast charging by the OnePlus Ace is a “long battery life version,” and the battery life has been increased to twice the industry standard, which not only charges quickly, but also lasts longer.

(Source: OnePlus)