OPPO Multiple Models Access ByteDance DouBao Large Model

Recently, the intelligent voice assistant “Xiaobu” of popular models such as OPPO Find X7 and OnePlus Ace has launched four practical AI smart body applications including “AI Interviewer” and “AI English Teacher”. By accessing the large model of ByteDance DouBao, the above-mentioned AI smart bodies can provide users with intelligent services such as interview practice and one-on-one English oral practice through precise and vivid voice interaction. With the help of DouBao’s general model pro, DouBao’s general model lite, DouBao role-playing model, and large-scale real-time network retrieval capabilities, OPPO’s intelligent body launched this time is more accurate and comprehensive in intent recognition, semantic understanding, and output presentation. It effectively solves challenges faced by the industry in language style, content timeliness, associative ability, intent recognition etc.

It is reported that currently, OPPO, vivo, Honor, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Asus have jointly launched the Intelligent Terminal Large Model Alliance with Volcano Engine. Applications such as OPPO Xiaobu Assistant, Honor Magic Book’s YOYO Assistant, Xiaomi‘s ‘Mi AI voice assistant,’ and Asus laptop’s Dou Ding AI assistant have all been integrated into the DouBao large model service.

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