OPPO to Develop Tablet PCs, Expected Release in First Half of 2022

At a recent partner summit, Liu Bo, Vice President and Chief Executor of the China region of OPPO, said that the company is developing a new tablet PC as well as several transformable smartphones. The new tablet PC is expected to be released as early as the first half of next year.

Liu Bo said that, among smartphones that are priced at around 4000 yuan ($619), OPPO has ranked third among Android brands and second in the offline market. Meanwhile, the popularity of the OPPO Find X3 has risen from 46% to 60%.

The biggest change OPPO has made in 2021 is the merger with another smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus. At OPPO’s new product release conference in autumn 2021, Liu Bo said that OPPO and OnePlus will target the high-end market together as two flagship brands with an overall goal to rank in the top three in the high-end market.

Tablet PCs have become a category that smartphone manufacturers are paying extra attention to. Xiaomi released its Xiaomi Pad 5 Series in August 2021, which marked a refresh of Xiaomi‘s tablet product line since 2018. Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President of Vivo, also said in an interview with the media a few days ago that Vivo’s tablet PC, which would focus on the multi-screen collaboration with smartphones, will be released in the first half of 2022.

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As for the transformable smartphone products Liu Bo mentioned, they are very likely to come with foldable or rollable screens. At the OPPO INNO DAY in November 2020, OPPO introduced its X 2021 with a rollable screen. Its screen, which is able to stretch like a papyrus scroll, can change between sizes as large as 7.4 inch and as small as 6.7 inch. Its screen can be folded without causing any marks.