Quadrupedal Robot Panda5 Unveiled at Beijing Winter Olympics

China North Industries Group announced on Wednesday that the Panda5, a quadrupedal robot independently developed by its North Vehicle Research Institute, was officially unveiled in Beijing News Center.

In order to welcome this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, the 2022 Beijing News Center officially opened on February 4, providing media services for non-registered journalists at the Winter Olympics.

Capable of completing a self-recovery after falling, the Panda5 can climb 20cm continuous steps or 25-degree slopes. It integrates mechanics, electronics, controls, computing, sensors, artificial intelligence and other technologies. It also can replace human beings in completing tasks such as transportation in complex terrains, scientific investigation, emergency rescue, disaster relief, fire rescue and more.

At the Beijing news center, the Panda5 displayed its excellent motion performance and anti-interference ability through static and dynamic displays and interactive performances.

The robotics team at the China North Vehicle Research Institute has been deeply involved in the field of quadrupedal robots for many years, and the Panda5 is their first product intended for civil use.

The Panda5 is not yet available for sale, but the research team tested the robot in many application scenarios. “We are considering applying it to railway maintenance and unmanned factories. At present, we are cooperating with power maintenance institutions, and it may be applied in this field in the next one or two years,” Yan Tong, an engineer at the Innovation Institute of China North Industries Group, said in an interview with a Chinese media outlet.

China’s robot industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Ubtech Robotics’ quadrupedal robot named “Pioneer Cow” appeared on the stage of the popular Spring Festival Gala in 2020. UnitreeRobotics’ “Benben,” Tencent‘s “Max” and Xiaomi‘s CyberDog are all popular quadrupedal robot products in the industry.

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According to the latest data released by Boston Consulting Group in July 2021, it is estimated that by 2030, the global robot market will reach a maximum of $260 billion, which is more than 10 times higher than that in 2020. Within this, the global market scale of professional service robots spawned by quadrupedal robot is expected to reach $170 billion.