RoboSense and WeRide Reach Strategic Cooperation

Intelligent lidar firm RoboSense and WeRide, an L4 autonomous driving tech firm, announced a new strategic cooperation agreement on Friday.

Under the arrangement, RoboSense will help WeRide accelerate the application of vehicle-level intelligent solid-state lidar, factory-installed mass production and commercialization of autonomous driving technology.

WeRide has carried out the R&D, testing and operation of autonomous driving in more than 23 cities across the world, accumulating more than 11 million kilometers of autonomous driving mileage. It also provided SAE L2-L4 autonomous driving products and solutions to the market, covering commercial application scenarios such as smart travel, smart freight transportation and smart sanitation.

RoboSense adheres to a market-oriented development model and pays attention to the feasibility of mass production of products. Its second-generation intelligent solid-state lidar, the RS-LiDAR-M1, adopts a highly integrated design, which is the world’s first intelligent solid-state lidar to realize factory-installed mass production delivery.

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RoboSense has joined hands with many industrial chain partners to integrate resources and establish a complete supply chain system. Many intelligent production lines of RoboSense in Guangzhou and Shenzhen have been basically deployed, and the firm’s overall annual production capacity is expected to reach one million units.

Regarding the deal, Mark Qiu, Co-Founder and Executive President of RoboSense, said: “After years of exploration, the autonomous driving industry will soon see the tide of large-scale commercial applications with the breakthrough of the macro environment.”

Tony Han, Founder and CEO of WeRide, said: “This in-depth cooperation with RoboSense will further enrich our experience in the application of solid-state lidar and help the continuous optimization of autonomous driving solutions. To join hands with RoboSense will provide strong support for our next generation SAE L2-L4 autonomous driving solution.”