Robotics Firm Mooma Completes Pre-A Financing Round Led by Vitalbridge

Mooma AI Technology, a Shanghai-based industrial robotics startup, announced Thursday the completion of a pre-A round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan, following exclusive investment from Vitalbridge. BetterView Capital served as the financial adviser in the deal. The funds will mainly be used for the R&D of cognitive intelligence algorithm technology for industrial robots.

Mooma focuses on solving the difficult aspects of industrial robot deployment, providing enterprises with intelligent solutions for industrial robots and helping enterprises in the manufacturing sector realize flexible production. The company has R&D centers for AI and robotics in Shanghai, China, and Berlin, Germany. It also has an engineering application center in Ningbo, China.

It often takes a long time and is difficult for enterprises to deploy robots, and trajectory planning is the core link. Trajectory planning usually requires experienced robotics engineers to debug the virtual simulation software first, then apply to the field environment repeatedly. The debugging process usually takes hundreds or even thousands of hours. If it is a large production line, the deployment cycle can even cost half a year.

In this regard, Mooma has launched a cognitive intelligence algorithm training platform, which is embedded with AI-based adaptive trajectory planning algorithms. The platform can adjust robots’ working trajectory in real time according to the production environment and reduce manual work. It can shorten the deployment time of industrial robotic arm from several hundred hours to less than ten hours, helping enterprises realize intelligent and flexible production under customized market demand.

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Mooma’s flexible loading and unloading technology has been applied in various industries, including semiconductors and “3C” (computer, communication, and consumer electronics). This technology can be applied in industries with multi-variety and small batch-featured industries such as IC chips and aerospace, and can also be rapidly extended in industries with higher flexible requirements including machinery, logistics and assembly.

In addition, Mooma provides flexible robotic intelligent solutions for process scenarios including automobile welding and flexible assembly.