Rokid Gives Visitors AR+AI Experience of Ancient China at Archaeological Ruins in Liangzhu City

Hangzhou-based AI startup Rokid will join hands with the Archaeological Ruins in Liangzhu City in October to bring visitors an AR + AI experience through its Rokid Glass 2, which is outfitted with a hands-free voice control interface and resembles ordinary sunglasses.

Located in the Yangtze River Basin on the southeastern coast of the country, the Archeological Ruins in Liangzhu City were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 6, 2019. The site reveals an early regional state from the China’s Late Neolithic period with a total area of 34 square kilometers, equivalent to 4 of Beijing’s Forbidden Cities.

Visitors to the site can interact with the Neolithic Liangzhu culture through augmented reality within the AR glasses.

Exhibiting mostly jade, silk, ivory and pottery artifacts used by Liangzhu residents, the Liangzhu Museum collaboratation with Rokid Glass 2 can highlight the artifacts’ key features through holographic images and show how Linagzhu residents used such objects.

Visitors on site with the AR glasses can, for example, see a bird hieroglyphic image coming to life and flying out of the jade during their trip in the museum.

Despite the instruments and ornaments on display, the Rokid Glass 2 can also take visitors back in time by showcasing a simulated and restored real-scale archeological landscape of the ancient city.

“We want to find new ways of engaging people with our collection outside of a traditional museum setting. Rokid Glass 2 helps visitors explore new ways of interpreting the artifacts and understanding its stories from a new perspective,” a staff member from the Liangzhu museum said.

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Visitors will able to try the Rokid Glass 2 AR experience at two sites of the Archaeological Ruins in Liangzhu City, including the Liangzhu Museum and Liangzhu Archaeological Site, for free starting in October.