Sequoia China Seed Fund Invests in Digital Character Technology Company Deemos

Deemos, a digital character technology company, has recently completed a pre-A round of financing, 36Kr reported on Friday. This round of funding was led by the Sequoia China Seed Fund and Miracle Plus. The funds are earmarked for expansion of the company’s team and R&D in its core technology.

Deemos’ founding team independently developed and built a Plenoptic Stage, a micron-scale face scanning system at the Shanghai University of Science and Technology. The system can dynamically scan facial materials with ultra-high precision and speed, and capture muscle movements when expressions change.

Deemos’ automatic digital face generation system combines artificial intelligence, computational photography, graphics and other technologies into a seamless whole.

In the past, making a facial model required substantial computer power, time and money. Now, however, it costs a tenth of what it was before and only a few days to generate a much more detailed image. The process is often used in the entertainment industry for film, television, games and virtual reality.

Since 2021, Deemos has cooperated with several metaverse concept companies and provided different levels of facial assets for dozens of firms involved in the entertainment industry.

Based on its expanding library and AI graphics algorithms, users will be able to generate their own 3D virtual image with only a few selfies, thus opening the technology to a broader user base.

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In addition, Deemos will expand its technology into more situations and hope to achieve a greater market influence based on SaaS services. The company will also focus its energy on the application of the metaverse while providing every user with an exclusive, personalized virtual image in the metaverse and work towards establishing an online face-to-face interactive platform.