TAL Comments on Closure of Offline Schools: Face-to-Face Teaching Replaced by Online Classes in Shanghai

Beijing Business Today learned from TAL Group that face-to-face teaching in the Shanghai Branch has been changed into online courses, but not all schools are following the changes. TAL has adjusted the arrangement of some schools in China.

One TAL staff member said, as required by China’s “double reduction” policies for lowering students’ homework and off-campus classes, off-campus training institutions shall not provide curriculum-based off-campus tutoring courses during national legal holidays, weekends and winter and summer breaks. Therefore, TAL Shanghai Branch has rescheduled all K-12 curriculum-based courses from weekends to weekdays. However, as only a few courses can be scheduled on the night of weekdays, the operating cost of the school is relatively high. Considering factors such as operating costs and teachers’ curriculum arrangement, and in order to ensure the quality and service of courses and the flexible learning arrangements of students, the Shanghai Branch has decided to replace face-to-face courses with online small classes.

Beijing Business Today found that many TAL branches nationwide have published articles on their official WeChat accounts to explain to parents the specific forms of future courses. Among them, TAL Beijing branch indicates that they will provide face-to-face small classes, online small classes, online large classes and other courses.

TAL’s official website says it is a K-12 extracurricular tutoring service provider, and that it has previously gone public on the NYSE. At present, it has opened more than 400 teaching centers in 67 Chinese cities.

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