Tencent-backed Esport Star Honor of Kings DAU Reaches 100 million

Tencent Games announced on Nov. 1 during a live-streamed celebration of the game’s 5th anniversary that its star mobile game Honor of Kings has obtained an average daily active users (DAU) of 100 million, becoming the world’s first esport product reaching such a volume of users.

Consistently ranking among the top mobile games, products including Honor of Kings and Tencent studio Lightspeed & Quantum backed PUBG Mobile have grossed millions and made their backer company Tencent a dominant giant in the gaming industry.

Not only armed with big names like Honor of Kings, PUBG Mobile and League of Legends, Tencent has even proposed a merger between two esport livestreaming rivals Douyu and Huya to create a market worth more than $10 billion.

Honor of Kings, which is among the first in the world to offer technical solutions for game development, including frame synchronization, optimization for mobile networks, non-synchronous coloring, and frame synchronization recovery after disconnection, serves an ever increasing user base.

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IP is another direction that the game is heading towards. The product is aimed at market needs, including toy models, clothing, school stationery, 3C products, beauty products, etc. It has even declared a cooperation with luxury brand Burberry and created a new game skin themed on Kungfu star Bruce Lee.

Also, the success of Honor of Kings lies partly in its debunk of gender stereotypes of the gaming industry, as about 50% of its player base are females, according to data from 2017.