Tencent Music Updates Intoo App

Tech Planet reported on Tuesday that Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) has comprehensively upgraded an app called “Intoo” after temporarily removing it from online stores, and plans to release the new version soon.

Intoo is a short video app for new and trendy music launched by Tencent Music’s WeSing in 2018. The latest version of Intoo supports the creation of music clips with a single click and includes a new feature for karaoke. Users can compose their cover songs for the second time in two ways: “clear song” creation and video creation. On the home page, created music videos can be posted, liked and commented on by other users.

Users can sing and create videos concurrently, then communicate and interact with other users through the created content. This adds user stickiness to the platform.

After the failure in the old version of Intoo, TME didn’t quit the short video market, but launched another short video editing tool named Yanliao Video. Users can edit videos and pictures, and create a video based on the audio produced by the creation tool in Yanliao Video, and publish it in the app.

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However, this product ceased operations shortly after its launch as it did not gain the favor of users. The main reason was the lack of strong interactivity and the lack of effective social functions despite its novel features, delivering another blow to TME’s ambitions in the sector.