Tencent Reaffirms Many of Its Games Add Tencent Tianyou as Main Operator

Tencent Tianyou has recently been added as the main operator of many Tencent-owned games, setting off heated discussions among players. Rumors suggesting that the firm’s operators have departed, and that shutdowns are occurring have spread online. On Friday, Tencent Games officially responded to the matter, assuring that its subsidiary Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the key entities in Tencent Group’s game operations.

The company also said that there are many enterprises with the name “Tianyou” in the industry that are also engaged in game operations or agencies, but none of them are “Tencent Tianyou,” therefore, players need to pay attention.

Earlier this year, Tencent Tianyou was added as the main operator of many Tencent mobile games such as “QQ Speed” and “Naruto Mobile Games,” which has become a focus among players.

Some netizens said that players mistakenly thought that the “QQ Speed” mobile games would be shutdown and go offline soon because it suddenly emptied players’ historical achievements and changed its main operator. Some netizens expressed dissatisfaction with this adjustment, arguing that the company – as a new joint operator – will change the original game’s playing mode and affect players’ experience. The adjustments have caused widespread dissatisfaction on Chinese social media.

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At that time, Tencent officially claimed that all of these games will continue to be in charge of the original team, while the actual R&D and operation work will remain unchanged. This move is apparently due to the adjustment of the company’s overall business strategy and does not affect the actual operation of games at all.