Tencent’s CSIG Adjusts Organizational Structure

Chinese internet giant Tencent’s Cloud and Smart Industries Group (CSIG) announced on July 12 the establishment of a government-enterprise business line which will continue to deepen the firm’s presence in the fields of government affairs, industry and operators, and accelerate the implementation and application of digital technology in the real economy.

Sam Li is the president of the newly established government-enterprise business line, and he will be fully responsible for industry team management and regional business development. In May last year, Tencent‘s CSIG determined three strategies: taking root in the industry, penetrating the regional market and improving efficiency. At the same time, it set up a business line of smart industry and the service industry, introducing Sam Li, the former global senior vice president and managing director of SAP China, as the head of its business line.

A report by Jiemian News further pointed out that with this adjustment, the ninth smart industry was newly established, responsible for the planning of operators’ industries and related businesses and the expansion of major customers. It also cooperates with internal and external teams to promote the landing of products and solutions in operators’ industries and related fields, enhancing key indicators such as market share, revenue and profit. Relevant teams and personnel are transferred from teams of industrial ecological cooperation department.

Through this adjustment, a cloud product technical support department has also been set up, responsible for assisting the solution communication and in-depth support of cloud basic products, promoting the improvement of product system and improving support efficiency. Relevant teams and personnel are transferred from teams of the regional solution platform.

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Shen Ke will be transferred to serve as the deputy general manager of the ninth smart industry, instead of serving as the deputy general manager of the industrial ecological cooperation department. As the department head, he will report to Sam Li, the vice president of the company. Li Zhe will be transferred to serve as the deputy general manager of the cloud product technical support department. As the department head, he will report to Wang Huixing, the head of cloud product research and development. Li Zhe will concurrently serve as the assistant general manager of the regional solution platform department, and report to Sam Li.

Tencent said that in the past year, in order to work more closely with industry customers, CSIG set up exclusive teams in government affairs, industry, energy, real estate, cultural tourism and other sub-sectors. In the field of government affairs, Tencent Cloud has helped more than 30 ministries, more than 20 provinces and more than 500 cities and counties to complete digital transformation, providing nearly 3,000 e-government services for 1.1 billion people.

Next, CSIG will concentrate on providing services for small-town and rural markets. In addition, it will further enhance the strategic position of and enhance the capabilities of independently-developed products such as big data, security, TCE, TDSQL and TRTC, and improve market coverage.