Tencent’s “Return to Empire” Game is Available for Traffic Acquisition on ByteDance’s Platforms

According to a report by DataEye on April 11, Tencent‘s game “Return to Empire” is now eligible for promotion through traffic acquisition strategies on ByteDance’s platforms, including TikTok’s sister app Douyin, news and information content platform Toutiao, and streaming platform Xigua Video.

ByteDance had previously limited the expenses for acquiring traffic for “Return to Empire”. According to DataEye’s data, Tencent News, Tencent Video and Tencent‘s advertising platform were used for the game’s marketing from January to March of this year. Sources within Tencent Games have confirmed that “Return to Empire” is currently being advertised on ByteDance’s platforms. However, it remains unclear whether other games will be able to advertise on ByteDance’s platforms in the future.

DataEye believes that Tencent Games is highly interested in acquiring traffic on short video platforms. With the release of upcoming games like “Meta Slug: Awakening” and “Valorant”, if Tencent increases its marketing investment during the May Day holiday, it could potentially drive up prices for traffic acquisition on ByteDance’s platforms. However, given Tencent‘s current trend of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, it is unlikely that there will be large-scale traffic acquisition unless it is for a new game or during holidays.

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The recent move between two major Chinese Internet companies will result in closer cooperation in gaming and advertising. This partnership offers several benefits: ByteDance gains a significant advertiser, “Honor of Kings” players may resume live streaming on Douyin, and ByteDance’s games may soon be accessible on WeChat following the success of miHoYo’s “Genshin Impact” and NetEase‘s “Egg Party.