Tesla Car Accident Victim Jimmy Lin Discloses Details For the First Time

This past July, Taiwanese actor, singer and race car driver Jimmy Lin was involved in a serious accident while driving a white Tesla Model X in Taiwan, China. On October 15, Lin posted a picture on Twitter-like Weibo to commemorate his 48th birthday, and also accepted an interview with the media during which he publicly recalled the details of the accident for the first time.

According to surveillance video of the accident, Lin’s vehicle slammed into the road barrier without any interference after turning around at an intersection. The vehicle caught fire shortly after the collision. Fortunately, passers-by and staff at a nearby construction site immediately responded and were able to remove Lin and his son from the vehicle.

As a result of the accident, Lin suffered multiple injuries and fractures, as well as minor brain injuries. The police also made it clear that Lin was not drunk while driving. Earlier, witnesses of accident said that Lin was not wearing a seat belt when he was rescued from the car, which has caused some discussion.

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When asked why the car crashed into the road barrier, Lin responded, “I thought about it, but I draw blank.” However, he is sure that he was wearing a seat belt, because if a driver doesn’t put on a seat belt, Tesla vehicles would send constant reminders. He also said that on the day he woke up, he first checked his hands, then his feet, and then touched his face. He breathed a sigh of relief after confirming that he was fine.

However, the cause of the accident is still not clear. Chen Zhen, a renowned automobile blogger with over 8 million followers on Weibo, commented on the event, “Anyway, some people have lied about seat belts.” One blogger calling himself as a veteran Tesla Model X driver, once analyzed that there is almost only one reasonable possibility, that is, Lin unfastened his seat belt to pick up a mobile phone or other items that fell into the back row, and the car yawed and hit the road barrier, causing himself to suffer from shoulder fractures, facial fractures, minor concussions and other problems.

At present, Lin is recovering well but is still undergoing rehabilitation. In the birthday photo, Lin used his right hand to cut the cake, and his left hand was supporting the right hand. Lin participates in one interview in mid-September, saying that he could only use his left hand for a period of time since he couldn’t even hold small things such as a hairdryer and a comb in his right hand.