The First Model of BYD’s “F brand” Releases in June

On March 31st, a set of latest spy photos of BYD F brand’s first model “SF” were leaked. The photos were taken on a winding and narrow coastal road, and the car’s outline appeared more aggressive under the interplay of light and shadow.

From the sticker on the car window, it is still the test vehicle with the previous number “2316”. It is reported that model SF is expected to be equipped with BYD’s “Cloud Chariot” system, which will be officially released in the near future.

Additionally, BYD’s new car will be equipped with front and rear dual motors, three locks (front and rear differential lock + electric center lock), and built on a new energy off-road platform.

According to the currently known information, this car model will be equipped with BYD’s new hybrid system, continuing the technical advantages of DM-i and DM-p. The comprehensive range is up to 1200 kilometers and maximum power is 500 kW. The length of the new car is close to 5 meters, and the wheelbase will reach a level of 2.8 meters.

(Source: BYD)

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Additionally, according to insiders, Xiong Tianbo, former director of the automotive industry office and dean of the Automotive Sales Research Institute at BYD, may be appointed as the general manager of BYD F brand sales division. He will fully lead key tasks such as product planning, channel sales, and brand building for the F brand.

It is reported that the F brand will operate independently from the existing BYD brand, and its future product lineup will cover multiple niche markets such as sports cars, off-road SUVs, and coupes.