TikTok Sister App Douyin Reaches Cooperation with Food Delivery Platform Ele.me

On August 19, Ele.me, a food delivery platform, and ByteDance’s Douyin, jointly announced a cooperation deal. The two sides will work together to explore offerings of local life services while helping to connect merchants and consumers through high-quality content, a wide selection of products and services, and an efficient logistics network.

According to the deal, Ele.me will help millions of merchants to provide local life services ranging from content recommendations and online ordering to instant delivery for 600 million daily active users in Douyin, and will use small programs embedded within Douyin to promote relevant services. The two sides will jointly invest more resources to support the development of local businesses and better meet the needs of consumers in urban life.

Kelly Zhang, CEO of Douyin Group, said: “Douyin hopes to bring better and more diverse information, goods and services to its users through its cooperation with Ele.me. We look forward to helping the life service industry explore video management and help small and medium-sized merchants develop better together with Ele.me.”

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Catering and other life service businesses are an important part of urban life. Both sides agreed that this cooperation is an important step for them to jointly meet the digital business needs of merchants, and will also help improve their business efficiency.