TikTok Surpasses Google to Become World’s Most Visited Website in 2021

Cloudflare, an American technology-security company, reported on Monday that TikTok was the most visited internet site in the world in 2021, surpassing last year’s leader, Google. TikTok is especially popular in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, and is owned by Beijing-based tech firm Bytedance, which also operates a sister app for the Chinese mainland called Douyin.

Last year, Google was the most visited domain in the world, while TikTok only ranked seventh or eighth, according to Cloudflare.

The article also shows that TikTok ranked first for several days between February, March and May this year, but after August 10, it “occupied a leading position most of the time.” There were some moments when Google ranked first, but in October and November, TikTok came out on top, including U.S. Thanksgiving Day (November 25) and Black Friday (November 26).

On the evening of September 27 this year, TikTok announced that its global monthly active users had exceeded 1 billion. This also means that TikTok has successfully become one of the top five applications in terms of global user activity, side-by-side with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and WeChat.

According to data disclosed by ByteDance, as of January 2018, TikTok had about 55 million global users. By December 2018, this number exceeded 271 million. By December 2019, this number increased to 507 million. Last summer, the app had nearly 700 million monthly active users.

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In June this year, according to an internal material from ByteDance, the firm’s actual income in 2020 reached 236.6 billion yuan ($37.14 billion), up 111% year-on-year, and the operating loss reached 14.7 billion yuan. By the end of 2020, the number of monthly active users of ByteDance products in the world had reached 1.9 billion, and the number of the company’s employees in the world had reached 110,000.