Tongyi Qianwen’s Flagship Model Qwen-Long Announces A 97% Price Reduction

ByteDance officially released the Doubao large model on May 15th, announcing that the price of the large model has entered the “cent era,” claiming to be “99.3% cheaper than industry standards.

Today, Alibaba Cloud followed suit and dropped a bombshell: the flagship model Qwen-Long of the GPT-4 level announced a price reduction. The API input price decreased from 0.02 yuan/thousand tokens to 0.0005 yuan/thousand tokens, a decrease of 97%.

Simply put, 1 yuan can buy 2 million tokens, equivalent to the amount of text in 5 “Xinhua Dictionary”. This model supports a maximum of 10 million tokens for long-text input, and after the price reduction it is about 1/400 of the price of GPT-4.

Alibaba Cloud officially launched the new Qwen 2.5 large model on May 9 this year, claiming to surpass GPT-4 in multiple capabilities.

According to Alibaba Cloud’s official introduction, the Qwen large model has served over 90,000 enterprises through Alibaba Cloud services, and the cumulative download volume of the open-source Qwen model has exceeded 7 million. The application process of Qwen is accelerating and has now entered fields such as PC, mobile phones, and automobiles.

At the event, Alibaba Cloud officially released Qwen 2.5, claiming to ‘upgrade capabilities and surpass GPT-4 comprehensively.’ In the Chinese context, it surpasses GPT-4 in multiple abilities such as text understanding, text generation, knowledge question answering & life advice, chat & dialogue, and security risks.

In addition, compared to Qwen 2.1, Qwen 2.5 has seen improvements in multiple abilities: a 9% increase in comprehension ability, a 16% increase in logical reasoning, a 19% increase in instruction compliance, and a 10% improvement in coding ability.

At the same time, the latest open-source model with 110 billion parameters from Qwen achieved top scores in various benchmark evaluations and surpassed Meta’s Llama-3-70B model to become ‘the most powerful model in the open-source field.’

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