Transaction Service Provider SwooshTransfer Secures Equity Financing

Transaction service provider SwooshTransfer announced on Friday that it has entered into definitive agreements with investors for an angel round of equity financing totaling several million dollars.

This financing round includes a USD tranche raised by Steelhenge Inc., one of the parents of the company, from investors. Participants in the USD tranche are leading global institutional investors such as Sequoia China Seed Fund and K2VC.

Funds raised in this round will be used to accelerate SwooshTransfer’s technology development in order to further enhance the company’s ability to deliver inclusive transaction services to small enterprises around the world.

Since the launch of SwooshTransfer’s products in 2020, the company has built an integrated platform using artificial intelligence, blockchain, privacy computing, real-time computing and security to bring a more secure, transparent, cost-effective and inclusive transaction service to individuals and small enterprises.

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Moreover, SwooshTransfer is leveraging its technological and industry know-how to better adapt its services to customers in the UK, US, Europe, Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and India.