Universal Beijing Resort Announces Ticket Prices, Lowest Price is 418 Yuan

Universal Beijing Resort (UBR) started its 20-day trial operation on Wednesday, and announced the ticket prices for the theme park. Tickets will officially go on sale from September 14.

UBR announced that it will adopt a four-tier price structure. The prices will be as follows: 418 yuan (US $60.68) for off-season days, 528 yuan for regular days, 638 yuan for peak times and 748 yuan for special days, such as National Day break and other holidays. A relevant person in charge in UBR said the theme park would adjust ticket prices according to different seasons.

People now can use UBR’s WeChat mini program to view the “Online Ticket Purchase” page. The reservation page now shows ticket prices for sale between September 20 to December 12, but visitors are unable to make a reservation yet.

UBR ticket prices from Sep. 20 – Oct. 1 (Image: Pandaily)

UBR will provide a 90-day rolling price calendar to facilitate visitors to plan their trip in advance. Visitors can visit the official website for related information. Currently, all tickets sold are single-day tickets, available for use only on the date specified. Once sold, tickets are for personal use only by the person with a valid ID and cannot be transferred or resold.

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Chinese media outlet 21CBH compared ticket prices for Universal theme parks in the world and found that tickets to Universal Studios Singapore start at S$81, or about $60.21. Tickets to Universal Studios Osaka in Japan start at 7,800 yen, or about $70.93. Universal Studios Los Angeles tickets start at $109, while Universal Orlando tickets are slightly more complicated as it has three parks with separate tickets, the cheapest park ticket is $80, and a ticket for all three parks is $298.