Vivo S12 Series Smartphone Released, Starting from $439

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo held a press conference on Wednesday, launching its S12 series and WATCH 2.

Vivo S12 Series

The Vivo S series has previously focused on appearance and photography, which were very popular among female users. In addition to image quality and appearance, the new S12 series launched has improved its configuration. The series has three colors: sunshine gold, island blue and stardust black.

With a built-in Dimensity 1100 chip, the Vivo S12 is equipped with a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen and supports a resolution of 2400 × 1080 with a refresh rate of 90/60 Hz. The model’s 4200mAh battery supports 44W fast charging.

Vivo S12 (Source: Vivo)

Equipped with the Dimensity 1200 chip, the Vivo S12 Pro adopts a 6.56-inch AMOLED screen, a resolution of 2376 × 1080, and a refresh rate of 90Hz. Its 4300mAh battery also supports 44W fast charging.

The Vivo S12 series is equipped with a 100-megapixel ultra-clear main camera on its backside, alongside an 8MP ultra-wide camera and a 2MP sensor. Within these cameras is a first for Vivo as the Vivo S12 Pro is the first to be equipped with a 5000W pixel custom JNV ultra-clear sensor.

The screen’s light can be intelligently adjusted according to the environment. The front four-color soft lights are able to better meet the needs of users for brightening and supplementing atmospheric light.

For the all-important selfie camera, the Vivo S12 series has been upgraded with a new micron-level skin-reshaping technology. The camera can intelligently match its beautification intensity according to different skin types and facial characteristics on different areas.

All of the phones in the series are equipped with the new OriginOS Ocean system, which includes three brand-new wallpapers: Mountain Climbing, Sky, and City of the Future.

(Source: Vivo)

The Vivo S12 has also been improved for a better gaming experience. In terms of heat dissipation, the entire Vivo S12 series uses an aluminum alloy motherboard upper layer, which has a 226% higher thermal conductivity than the previous generation magnesium alloy. The S12 Pro motherboard uses a large-area VC soaking plate on the front, which greatly improves heat dissipation.

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The Vivo S12 series are also an official KPL game devices, supporting games that run at a 90Hz high frame rate. The Vivo S12 is priced at 2799 yuan (8+256G) and 2999 yuan (12+256G); Vivo S12 Pro is priced at 3399 yuan (8+256G) and 3699 yuan (12+256G).

Vivo WATCH 2

Vivo also launched its WATCH 2 at this conference, which is said to be able to last for 7 days at maximum. The biggest highlight of this smart watch is that it supports independent communication. The company also worked with NetEase Cloud Music and Ximalaya to put in the functions of listening to songs and books online.

Vivo WATCH 2 (Source: Vivo)

The watch’s sports data can be synchronized to WeChat. In addition, the SOS emergency contact function has been upgraded for the product. The smartwatch is priced at 1299 yuan and will be on sale on December 29th.