Vivo to Launch APEX 2019 with New Brand Image

One year after Vivo released the innovative bezel-less APEX, the company upgraded it to the APEX 2019, as Vivo’s weibo post suggests on Jan. 18.

“We will use the power of technology to wake up a minimalistic future,” posted Vivo.

The new phone will walk out of the mist on Jan.24.

vivo official poster of the release event (Source: vivo)

Official concept pictures show a twisted waterdrop and a ripple on a round-edged phone, which imply what Vivo goes for in APEX 2019 — simple and natural. No buttons or bezels can be found on it.

vivo NEX (Source: vivo)

Analysts guess that it implicates APEX will adopt new materials, such as curved glass and liquid metals, to achieve a curved smooth surface design.

vivo’s new logo (Source: vivo)

Vivo also updated its brand image today by changing the font type and color. Danish and Chinese designers helped create the English and Chinese version of “Vivo type” to build a clean and fashionable style. The “Vivo blue”, now more saturate and bright, represents Vivo users being young, energetic, independent and smart.

new color of vivo’s logo (Source: vivo)

“How to transfer the concept of technology and fashion into the design of font type, a visual language, is the main challenge,” said the Chinese font designer.