Vivo’s OriginOS 4: Supports Superpower Semantic Search, Will Be Released on November 1st

The 2023 vivo Developer Conference will be held on November 1st, and OriginOS 4 will be officially released at that time. Currently, vivo has started to promote this system.

According to the introduction, OriginOS 4 will support the ‘Superpower Semantic Search’ feature, claiming it can ‘find a needle in a haystack with ease’. Although the official statement does not explicitly mention it, it can be seen that vivo is very confident in the accuracy of its search. It is still unknown whether this feature will be open to third-party search engines.

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Earlier this month, vivo announced that its self-developed AI model, self-developed operating system, OriginOS 4, will debut at the 2023 vivo Developer Conference.

Among them, the recruitment for the internal testing of OriginOS 4 has now begun. It is open to multiple vivo and iQOO models, with 2000 participants for each model. The eligible models include vivo X Fold2, vivo X Flip, vivo X90 Pro+, vivo X90 Pro, vivo X90, vivo X90s, iQOO 11 Pro, iQOO 11S, and iQOO 11.

According to the blogger @Digital Chat Station, it is revealed that vivo’s AI large model will be implemented in OriginOS 4. It will have a similar form as Microsoft Copilot, appearing as a floating window called out from the sidebar separately. This mode is different from the one integrated into the voice assistant. ‘The integration of AI data and system is well done, creating an intelligent system for all users.’