WeChat Officially Launches the ‘One-click AI Q&A’ Feature

WeChat officially announced recently that the WeChat input method has launched the ‘One-click AI Q&A’ function.

It is reported that this function is based on Tencent‘s Hunyuan large model. Simply enter content in the chat box within WeChat and add an equal sign “=”, you can get AI answers.

Click the ‘Copy as Image’ prompt in the bottom right corner to generate an image that can be saved and used.

The official statement is that the Win and Mac versions are currently online, and the mobile version is also preparing to go live.

In addition, when entering text in the chat input box to the third line of characters, click the up arrow on the left side or long press the chat input box and select ‘Full Screen Input’ from the pop-up options.

Jike provides a refreshing input experience with cutting and copying made more convenient.

Click on the “+” on the right side of the chat box, select “Voice Input”, start speaking while holding down, speak as you go, with no time limit. This is a real “export to text” feature, recommended for writers who are tired of typing.

Currently, voice input supports recognition of Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Long press the chat box, select “Write and Translate” from the pop-up options, and you can have in-depth communication in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Ps: You can directly translate messages sent by your chat partner using WeChat translation.

In fact, there are more tips for WeChat input method than just this one. For example, it also supports cross-device copy-paste function.

And its cross-device clipboard does not require logging into any account, just a six-digit ‘matching code’ to connect between various devices.

WeChat input method can also synchronize your personal word library and commonly used phrases, without the need to log in to an account, which is much more advanced than ordinary input methods.

If you like a simple input method, you might as well try WeChat input method, it can be considered ‘small and beautiful’.

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