Xiaomi 11 Smartphones Spark Heated Discussion After Quality Issues Arise

The Xiaomi 11 smartphone series released in 2020 aroused widespread discussions on September 21, as an online topic reading “users defend rights after repeated exposure of quality problems with Xiaomi 11 series” appeared on the top trends lists on Chinese social media platforms.

“I’m not sure when the motherboard failure of my smartphone will happen gain,” wrote a user who bought Xiaomi 11 Pro as soon as the new device was launched, with screenshots of the user’s after-sales service records. The web user indicates that their Xiaomi 11 Pro smartphone had undergone three seperate repairs. Another user said they received their first salary and bought a Xiaomi 11, but it broke down three times within a year and underwent screen burns. The user had to empty the device’s data three times because of quality problems.

One Weibo tech blogger posted, “I just sent my Xiaomi 11 that has Wi-Fi connection problems to the after-sales store yesterday afternoon. I didn’t expect that the smartphone would cause heated discussion on Weibo. It seems that there are indeed many users that have met the same problems.”

Xiaomi 11 (Source: Xiaomi)

As a high-end flagship smartphone product line, the digital series is an important move for Xiaomi to reach the high-end market. Xiaomi 11 was released on December 28, 2020, and the standard version starts from 3,999 yuan ($567). Since its release, many users have complained about quality problems with the device. Wi-Fi failures, burnt motherboards, screen burns for no reason, and abnormal heat of smartphone are main problems raised by users. The devices include the Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra models.

On August 6 of last year, Xiaomi released a “Service Policy on Special Problems of Xiaomi 11 Series Products.” It said that for the Wi-Fi problems with Xiaomi 11 series products, the firm supports exchanging new machines after after-sales inspection.

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However, the smarphone renewal policy ended with the suspension of Xiaomi 11 production. According to media reports, since September 15, 2022, customers who encounter Wi-Fi failures on Xiaomi 11 series models will only support motherboard maintenance services. The firm will no longer exchange new machines for users or provide refunds. Xiaomi customer service staff said that because Xiaomi 11 has stopped production, it cannot provide device exchange services.

Xiaomi 11 (Source: Xiaomi)

It is worth mentioning that, on September 21, Xiaomi announced the release time of its new smartphone, the Xiaomi Civi 2, and published a few of pictures of the device and a co-branded version with Hello Kitty. Under the comment area corresponding to posts, many netizens commented with statements like, “Why not solve the Xiaomi 11 defective product?” and other comments related to the protection of user rights.