Xiaomi Announces New Battery Technology, Entering Mass Production Next Year

In a short Weibo post on December 10, Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi revealed a new battery technology the R&D team has been working on, in which the silicon content inside a battery can be increased by about three times, resulting in more efficient capacity storage. In addition, the new batteries can fit about 10% more mAh and can provide up to 100 minutes of additional runtime on a single charge.

Xiaomi‘s new battery will be mass-produced in the second half of next year. According to this timetable, it may be applied to the Xiaomi MIX 5, Xiaomi 12 or Xiaomi 13.

The firm introduced a higher proportion of silicon materials to negative electrodes of the new battery, while solving the problems of low initial charging effect, high expansion and cyclic attenuation, which are gradually enlarged with the increase of silicon ratio.

The new-generation battery technology utilizes “battery-level high-silicon lithium supplement technology” for the first time. Lithium metal can directly supplement the lithium lost in the activation process under the electrochemical reaction by compounding lithium foil on the surface of negative electrode, thus compensating the initial capacity loss of the battery.

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In addition, Xiaomi has equipped the new battery with a fuel gauge chip that relies on advanced algorithms to improve the safety and life span of the cells as it monitors overnight charging. This mitigates the overcharged state when the handset is plugged in for too long.