Xiaomi Cooperates with NIO on Car Remote Control App

Chinese AIoT giant Xiaomi has launched a Xiaomi Watch app in cooperation with local premium EV-maker NIO. The app is essentially a smart remote control for NIO cars that can be used to perform various operations with the vehicle.

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According to the official announcemennt, the app can be used to view vehicle information such as the driving status, tire pressure and remaining battery life. Users can also use their Xiaomi Watches to control doors, windows, the AC system, as well as other parts of their NIO car.

Additionally, the app is handy in helping car owners find their vehicle in a crowded parking lot by triggering the car’s headlights and horn. In the future, the app is expected to support more intelligent functions such as NFC payments, bringing more convenience to Xiaomi and NIO customers.

The Xiaomi Watch app is compatible with all NIO models currently on the market.