Xiaomi Obtained 25,000 Authorized Patents Worldwide

This Tuesday is “World Intellectual Property Day” and to commemorate the occasion Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, published Xiaomi‘s patent transcript for the public to see. He said that Xiaomi has obtained over 25,000 authorized patents worldwide, with another 20,000 patents waiting for approval.

World Intellectual Property Day is observed annually on April 26. The event was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000 to raise awareness of how patents, copyright, trademarks and designs impact on everyday life in the world, and to create a legal environment that encourages knowledge innovation.

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi has applied for more than 2,300 patents worldwide, and it has been given more than 950 patents in imaging technology.

In terms of charging technology, the company has not only achieved the industry’s first 120W single battery cell ultra-fast-charging technology and 200W wired charging technology, but also has over 1,400 global patent applications for charging technology and more than 370 global patent applications for wired fast charging.

Its operating system is the highlight. Xiaomi MIUI has been continuously updated for over 544 weeks, which is longer than the birth time of some smartphone manufacturers, and has more than 510 million active users worldwide. The MIUI OS has more than 14,000 global patent applications and more than 7,200 global authorized patents, which gives an indication of the company’s efforts to improve its software.

In addition, 5G Standards Essential Patents, wireless standard technology, artificial intelligence and AIoT have made different achievements. Xiaomi and its ecological chain system have won 692 international and domestic awards.

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It is worth mentioning that “The 2021 EU Industrial Research and Development Scoreboard” shows that Huawei has the second-largest research and development investment in the world and is one of the largest patent holders in the world. As of December 31 in 2021, Huawei holds more than 45,000 authorized patent families in the world (over 110,000 pieces), more than 90% of which are invention patents. Further, the company has about 107,000 people engaged in research and development, accounting for 54.8% of the total staff working for the company.