Xiaomi Refutes Recent Rumors, “Hyper OS Was Never Claimed to Be Self-developed”

In a recent development, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has taken action against certain posts on Chinese social media platforms, alleging that they spread misinformation about the company’s new operating system, Hyper OS. Xiaomi has officially denied claims that Hyper OS is a self-developed system, a rumor that the company suggests was propagated to stir up controversy between Xiaomi and Huawei.

Xiaomi has lodged formal complaints against the misleading content, stating, “The false information, crafted with malicious intent, has caused serious defamation to our brand image. Certain statements, such as ‘Xiaomi‘s Hyper system will soon be recognized as a truly self-developed system,’ are baseless and appear to be an attempt to instigate conflict between Xiaomi and Huawei.” The company further clarified that it has never claimed that Hyper OS was self-developed in any public forum.

The posts in question have been reported to have a disruptive effect on the “harmonious discussion environment of the platform”, leading to misinformation among netizens. In light of the significant influence of the social media platform, Xiaomi has requested the removal of the misleading content and the deduction of credit points from the responsible parties to discourage such behavior.

Earlier on October 26, Xiaomi unveiled Hyper OS. The new operating system represents an upgrade from mobile × AIoT to an all-encompassing ecosystem that includes people, vehicles, and homes. The aim is to create a holistic, intelligent world centered around the user, spanning from personal devices to smart homes and intelligent transportation. Xiaomi‘s CEO, Lei Jun, highlighted that the development of this new system involved over 5,000 engineers and took seven years to complete.

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