Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 Officially Released, Equipped With MediaTek MT9638 Chip and 4K Full Screen

On Tuesday, Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 on digital shopping malls, available for the pre-sale price of 2,399 yuan ($377). The new TV has a light flagship resolution and adopts a star screen sharp shadow backlight system, which divides the TV backlight into several independent areas, making bright parts brighter and dark parts darker, thus presenting more vivid image details. Sharp shadow light control technology can further enhance the peak brightness and contrast of the picture.

The TV also supports Dolby Vision technology and adopts the DCI-P3 color gamut standard of the Hollywood film industry, which truly and accurately reproduces the film color from shooting to projection. Also, it supports up to 1.07 billion color displays – 64 times that of ordinary TVs.

It is worth noting that the TV also has an AI-SR image algorithm, which relies on the powerful AI computing power of the TV chip and deep learning of the database to realize real-time analysis of pictures, effectively reducing noise, greatly improving definition and resolution, and enabling ultra-high-definition playback close to 4K.

In terms of sound quality, the TV has a four-speaker sound system equipped with an independent tweeter and woofer, especially the air duct bass enhancement design, making the low-frequency performance of TV more vigorous and powerful and the sound surrounding the room, ensuring an on-the-scene movie watching experience. It also supports Dolby and DTS double decoding, vividly restoring the shocking sound effects of movies.

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The TV is equipped with a new generation of MT9638 image quality enhanced chip, a quad-core high computing power CPU, 2GB + 32GB large storage, dual-frequency Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, making the transmission faster and the connection more stable.

In terms of design, the screen rate of the Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 is up to 96%. The TV adopts an all-metal frame, sandblasting process and a metal base with a balanced structure design, making itself an industrial artwork.

The Xiaomi TV ES series is newly upgraded and supports far-field voice control without the remote control. Content switching, volume adjustment, weather queries or smart home functions can all be accessed with a shout for “Xiao Ai.”