XPeng Motors Will Launch New Model XPeng P7+

On July 10th, He Xiaopeng, Chairman of XPeng Motors, officially announced the launch of a new model – the XPeng P7+.

The car is over 5 meters in size and is dubbed as ‘Technology +’. He Xiaopeng also stated that the mission of XPeng P7+ is to ‘usher in a new era of intelligent driving’.

He Xiaopeng and others have posted the appearance of the XPng P7+, which has some design adjustments compared to the XPeng P7, including changes in the front face, rear light design, side door section, and wheels.

According to the official financial report conference call, this XPeng P7+ is expected to be a new B-class all-electric sedan that will be launched in the fourth quarter, and it is also the first model to achieve a 25% reduction in technology costs.

According to previous leaks, the internal codename of this car is F57. It will not use any lidar and will instead adopt a pure visual autonomous driving solution similar to Tesla’s FSD for the first time.

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