XPeng’s MONA M03 Makes Its Debut, Set to Launch in August

On July 3, XPeng unveiled its first model under the MONA brand, the M03.

Chairman of XPeng Motors, He Xiaopeng, shared that the M03’s naming is a nod to Tesla’s Model 3, acknowledging the significant role Tesla’s Model 3 played in popularizing electric vehicles six years ago. The M03, he explained, represents a departure from the conventional numbering schemes of 9, 7, and 5 often seen in electronic vehicle model names, with the number 3 symbolizing a distinct path.

He further elaborated on the brand name MONA, an acronym for “Made Of New AI”, reflecting XPeng‘s vision of the upcoming decade being dominated by advancements in AI, following the previous decade’s focus on new energy technologies.

The MONA M03 is set to redefine the electric vehicle market with its intelligent technology and stylish design. Priced under 200,000 yuan, it is an affordable, pure electric hatchback sedan that combines good looks and innovative features. It is set to officially hit the market in August.

He Xiaopeng highlighted the M03’s impressive design and performance specs during the launch. The vehicle boasts a width-to-height ratio of 1.31 and a super low drag coefficient of 0.194, thanks to features like an electric hatchback tailgate and a large AGS active intake grille. These design elements not only contribute to an increase in range by up to 16km but also lead to lower operating costs.

The M03 doesn’t compromise on storage either, offering a spacious 621L trunk, larger than most mid-size SUVs. Aesthetically, the vehicle stands out with its “010” split three-dimensional starlight lamp group and low-saturation car colors, exuding a subtle yet tasteful personality. Customers will also have the option to choose from five different colors.

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