XPeng’s NGP System Targets 569,000 km Coverage and Global Expansion by 2025

During the New Year kick-off event held by XPeng Motors on the evening of January 30, He Xiaopeng, CEO and Chairman of XPeng Motors, set a new timeline for the NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) intelligent driving assistance system. 

By 2024, XPeng plans to roll out a “full-range”, “point-to-point” XNGP system in China, which will cover scenarios including small roads, interior roads, and parking lots. Over the next two years, XPeng will push for global development of the XNGP system, with high-speed NGP development planned for 2024 and global XNGP development slated for 2025.

He Xiaopeng further stated that the next step is to achieve “end-to-end large model integration into vehicles,” ambitiously aiming to match the ride experience in core areas with that of Google’s Waymo. He also mentioned that in these core areas, the goal is to have fewer than one passive takeover per 1000 kilometers, bringing the autonomous driving time close to human navigation time, and improving the user experience in poor weather conditions and irregular road surfaces.

As of now, XPeng‘s NGP system covers a total of 569,000 kilometers domestically, including 3 municipalities, 9 provincial capitals, 150 prefecture-level cities, and 81 county-level cities, totaling 243 cities.

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