ZenusTech Wins Tens of Millions of Yuan in Angel Round Financing Led by Gaorong Capital

ZenusTech, a computer software startup based in Shenzhen, announced on Wednesday that it has completed an angel round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan. The funding was led by Gaorong Capital and followed by Qingsong Fund.

Established in September 2020, ZenusTech has independently developed “ZENO,” the first full-process 3D content generation software in China, integrating physical simulation, biological simulation, programmed geometry, programmed materials and real-time rendering. At present, ZENO has started alpha testing for key customers.

Funds from the recent round will reportedly be used for upgrades to the ZENO system and for supporting the development and testing of 3D content generation software. The company will also invest in recruitment and product promotion.

ZENO has a built-in node editor, which provides a series of auxiliary tools to help build 3D subjects. Users can edit complex projects visually and efficiently simply by clicking and dragging components. Using ZFX scripting language and ZPC programming framework built into the system, users can realize undifferentiated and high computing operation of projects on CPUs and GPUs.

Up to now, ZENO has accumulated more than 400 nodes, and has obvious performance advantages in physical simulation, biological simulation, programmed geometry and materials and real-time rendering.

At present, ZenusTech is carrying out upgrades for ZENO 2.0, optimizing its performance. The company also continuously enriches open digital assets and builds channels for users to learn and communicate. According to the firm, a full-process 3D content generation software will be officially launched before the end of the year.

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Bin Yue, Founding Partner of Gaorong Capital, added that ZenusTech has created convenient, efficient, open source and free tools for content producers through independent R&D of underlying technologies. The company has used technology to break through boundaries of imagination. The team brings together top technical experts in the fields of computer graphics and physical simulation computing software. Professionals with rich experience in Hollywood and the domestic special effects business have also joined the firm. ZenusTech is expected to further help creators and reconstruct the industry ecosystem in the future.