Zhou Jianqun Succeeds Li Shufu as Chairman of Geely New Energy

On Monday, the commercial inquiry platform Tianyancha showed that Zhejiang Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd. had recently made a change to its registration with China’s Industrial and Commercial Administration, with Li Shufu withdrawing from the position of chairman and Zhou Jianqun, general manager, concurrently serving as chairman. In addition, An Conghui withdrew from the company directorship.

Zhou Jianqun used to be the vice president of China Association of Automotive Manufacturers (CAAM) and an expert of China Automobile Industry Expert Committee. He served as director and general manager of Wanxiang Qianchao Co., Ltd. in 1996, and served as director and vice president of Wanxiang Group in 2003. In 2014, he worked for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. He is currently CEO of Zhejiang Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd. and chairman of London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC).

According to public information, Zhejiang Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd. was established in February 2016 with a registered capital of 500 million yuan ($78.57 million), wholly owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd.

In addition, in January this year, Li Shufu successively withdrew from the directorship of Beichen Automobile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and as the legal representative of Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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According to public data, in 2020, Geely sold only 68,000 new energy vehicles, accounting for just 5.2% of annual new car sales. This undoubtedly declared the failure of Blue Geely, a new energy vehicle strategy that has been implemented for six years. On the evening of February 24, 2021, Geely and Volvo jointly announced that they had reached the optimal merger plan. Geely was focused on the new energy field and had wanted to reproduce the “win-win” glory of the era of fuel vehicles through the integration of resources with Volvo. On March 24, it was announced that the merger plan was cancelled.