China Consumers Association to Deepens Supervision on EV, Online Games, Off-campus Training

On Monday, the China Consumers Association announced the theme of the 2022 National Consumers Association Consumer Rights Protection Year – “Promoting Consumption Fairness Together“.

“Promoting Consumption Fairness Together” was defined as: strictly implementing legal provisions; actively guiding technology in a positive direction; strengthening the protection of special groups; and, practising green and low-carbon consumption.

To promote the theme it has put forth, throughout 2022 the China Consumers Association will actively carry out advertising on its themes while guiding moderate consumption habits in addition to green and low-carbon consumption habits.

Secondly, the association will strengthen the overall guidance in fields such as personal information protection, false information disclosure, product quality and safety.

Thirdly, it will carry out a supervisory role in regard to new energy vehicles, online games, off-campus training, and consumption of the elderly, minor, disabled, and rural consumers. The association will also look into the protection of personal information.

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Fourth, it will promote the establishment of self-disciplined conventions for the fair treatment of consumers in key industries, and continue to promote the construction of online consumer education bases. Finally, it will promote the construction of service channels to assist consumers in resolving complaints and disputes.