Douyin Upgrades its Open Music Platform

On Thursday, ByteDance’s Douyin announced an upgrade to the company’s open music platform, “Zhirexinghe”. The upgrade will launch a number of services and promotions to offer musicians a comprehensive package to manage their work while gaining more traffic and performance time.

At present, the “Zhirexinghe” service platform has formed a basic service system integrating song promotion, songwriter and singer matching, agency distribution and data analysis. The platform can provide tailor-made promotion and agency distribution services for music studios and musicians. Douyin’s music distribution channels have covered more than 200 music platforms and more than 100 countries and areas.

In addition, the platform can provide publicity professionals and resources for music copyright owners, studios, publicity companies, while helping motivate professionals to participate in promotional efforts through solicitation and assignment. At present, there are more than 100,000 active music promoters listed on Douyin.

The music platform has specially launched three annual plans, namely, Zhire Plan, Xinghe Plan and Super Volume Plan, to meet a variety of needs for different musicians. The Zhire Plan helps original musicians to be stationed on the platform, grow their fan base, promote their music and even have the chance to step onto bigger stages by providing large traffic and operational guidance. The Xinghe Plan is aimed at established and renowned musicians as well as top name brand exhibitions. Finally, the Super Volume Plan will offer all-round support initiatives to promote and discover music by all artists. Specific measures of the three plans will be launched this year.

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According to the relevant person in charge of Douyin’s music business, publicity, distribution and promotion are the pain points faced by all platforms and institutions in the music industry. The new platform aims to create a one-stop service platform for musicians by integrating the core capabilities of publicity, songwriting, IP activities and basic services. At present, the songs on this platform are played 7 billion times a day, and 60% of musicians on the platform have doubled their fans within one year.