Intel to Establish Video Business Department HQ in China

On Tuesday, Vice President of Intel’s IoT Department Chen Wei announced at the Intel IoT Executive and Solution Summit that the company plans to set up another department headquartered in China exclusively for its global video business, which is to address the country’s fast-growing demand for video technology optimization.

Chen said the technology adopted by the new department is distinguished from that used by other vertical industries because of three features: high-density computing, the application of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI), and complex computing hierarchy and structure.

Chen also pointed out that as AI is extensively applied in optimizing video transmission, “computer vision and deep learning,” in his view, will become the mainstream of AI in video optimization.

Industry analysts attribute Intel’s putting more emphasis on the video industry this year to the high commercial value brought by the explosive development of the short video industry and the proliferation of cameras during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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For example, China’s leading short video platforms, Douyin and Kuaishou, are both investing in and acquiring companies involved in AI chips, and this is to address new technical problems caused by huge video data volume. In addition, as the number of camera connections increases day by day in China, it is of urgent need to achieve technological innovations in the field of chips.

At present, Intel has more than 700 partners, more than 1,100 solution design partners and more than 200 Intel Partner Alliance members in China.