Pinduoduo Partners with Mango TV to Host Double 12 Super Night Gala

On Dec. 11, Pinduoduo, China’s leading interactive e-commerce platform, partnered with Mango TV, Hunan’s provincial satellite TV, to present a live broadcast of the “Double 12 Super Night Gala.”

Dec. 12, also known as Double 12, is a shopping holiday when shoppers can get unbelievable discounts online. This e-commerce shopping festival has been a real hit with the new year right around the corner.

This year’s gala aims to bring consumers the ultimate visual enjoyment with attractive deals. During the Double 12 promotion period, Pinduoduo incorporated interactive activities for people to save even more.

Following a successful cooperation with Mango TV on Double 11 (Nov. 11), Pinduoduo is excited to end this year’s shopping season with the Double 12 gala.

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Chen Qiu, vice president of Pinduoduo, said this consumer-oriented gala will benefit millions of shoppers at the end of the year.

“During Double 12, popular products such as iPhone, SK-II, Estee Lauder’s small brown bottle, and Dyson’s hairdryer are directly presented to consumers at the lowest price across all platforms,” said Chen.

Pinduoduo is also helping China’s agricultural industry and alleviating poverty in rural areas.

During the Double 12 season, the e-commerce platform launched a “Happy Hometown Competition” to donate grants to impoverished areas. Moreover, celebrities shared their hometown specialties with audiences through various interactive activities to promote local farmers’ products.

Established in 2015, Pinduoduo has been offering consumers value-for-money merchandise and a fun interactive shopping experience ever since. The platform aims to offer a virtual bazaar where buyers can explore a full spectrum of products while interacting with other shoppers, according to Pinduoduo.