TikTok Launches Contextual Advertising Solution TikTok Pulse

TikTok, a short video app owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, released a new contextual advertising solution called “TikTok Pulse” on Wednesday, which allows marketers to place their brands next to the platform’s most engaging content.

TikTok said that creators and publishers with at least 100,000 followers will be eligible in the initial stage of this program. TikTok Pulse will be launched in the US in June, then extended to other regions in autumn.

The social media platform will share 50 percent of ad revenue from Pulse with approved creators. On the one hand, this plan can improve the creative enthusiasm of creators. On the other hand, it can attract more advertisers to join due to the enhanced exposure of advertisements. The firm claims this will present a win-win measure for creators, advertisers and platforms.

TikTok is taking several steps to ensure secure purchasing through TikTok Pulse’s brand advertisement. TikTok uses a proprietary inventory filter to confirm that advertisements placed through TikTok Pulse can be published together with certified content.

Additional campaign measurement tools such as third party brand suitability and viewability verification provide advertisers with the opportunity and transparency to analyze and understand the impact of their campaigns.

By advertising with Pulse, brands will appear among the top 4 percent of all videos on TikTok across 12 categories. These categories include: beauty and personal care, fashion, automotive, gaming, pets and more. The top 4 percent of videos will be updated daily based on viewers and audience engagement.

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After TikTok Pulse commences, only advertisers invited by TikTok to join this program can use TikTok Pulse. Advertising spots on TikTok Pulse are limited, and they will be sold through TikTok’s advertising management platform in the form of booking products.